• Welcome to the NEW SpaceHistory101.com website!
  • Welcome to the NEW SpaceHistory101.com website!

Awarded since 2011, the Sacknoff Prize is designed to encourage original research by university students in the field of space history. It consists of a cash prize, publication in the peer-reviewed journal Quest, and an invitation to present at the Society for the History of Technology annual meeting.

Other Scholarships and Prizes​​​

Besides the Sacknoff Prize, a number of organizations offer scholarships and prizes for students and researchers interested in space. These include:

American Astronautical Society

Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award

Named for NASA’s first historian, it recognizes outstanding books that advance public understanding of astronautics.

Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence in Spaceflight History

It recognizes exceptional sustained efforts to inform and educate on astronautical history.

American History Association

Fellowship in Aerospace History

$21,250 for a 6-9 month research fellowship.

American Meteorological Society

Graduate Fellowship in the History of Science

A $15,000 stipend supporting one year of dissertation research.

American Institute of Physics

Grants and Postdoctoral Fellows

Sponsors the scholarly community with a number of programs.

Harvard Business School


Several grants to support visiting scholars or to cover expenses for travel and access to their archives.

History of Science Society

HSS/NASA Fellowship

HSS administers several aerospace and space technology history fellowships for NASA.


Sacknoff Prize for Space History

The SPACE 3.0 Foundation awards a $500 prize to a university student for the best space history research paper. The award also includes publication in the peer-reviewed journal Quest and an invitation to present at the Society for the History of Technology annual meeting.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Aviation Space Writers Foundation Award

A $5,000 research grant awarded by the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in even numbered years.

Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Fellowship

A 3-12 month, in-residence fellowship for pre- or post-doctoral research.

Charles A. Lindbergh Chair in Aerospace History

A 12-month fellowship for senior scholars working on a book.

A. Verville Fellowship

A 9-12 month, in-residence fellowship open to mid-career scholars and non-academic candidates.

Society for the History of Technology

History of Space Technology

Their website contains details on several fellowships, awards, and prizes of interest to the history community.

"One Small Step" Grant

Seeking funding for a space history related activity? SPACE 3.0's "One Small Step" grant is open throughout the year to individuals and organizations, whenever the need presents. We seek proposals where $250-$2,500 could make a real difference—ideas such as digitizing historical documents, collecting an oral history, creating podcasts, or filling gaps at the Space Business & Commerce Archives. Click here to visit the grant program page for details..

Archival Research

In order to aid researchers, the SPACE 3.0 Foundation has identified hundreds of space-related special collections and archives found at institutions around the world. Visit SpaceCommerce.org and click on [Database: Special Collections and Archives] to learn more about this project or review the information we have collected to date.

Books for Sale

SPACE 3.0 has published a number of books (in both print and ebook formats), which it distributes via Amazon.com. Click here to see what books are available. --->

The SPACE 3.0 Foundation

SPACE 3.0 is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation with a mission to build an endowment that funds initiatives related to space history preservation and empowering entrepreneurs and visionaries. Visit SpaceCommerce.org to learn more about the Foundation and how you can be a part of and support our efforts.

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