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Table of Contents


"The Culture of Cosmonautics in a Communist Society: Visual Depictions of American Astronauts and Apollo Flights in Romanian Philately" by Tudor Mihăescu
"Lockheed’s Avenue of Missiles: A Forgotten Aerospace Display" by Joel W. Powell
"The First Space 2.0: Orbital Sciences" by Scott Sacknoff
"Commercializing the Transfer Orbit Stage" by Michael W. Miller
"Beyond Earth: The Soviet Drive into Space" by Saunders B. Kramer
"Soviet Historic Site…Retired?" by Brian Harvey
"Interview with Bruce Ferguson: Early Development of the TOS Vehicle"
"Interview with René Demets" by Brian Harvey

Book Reviews

“The New Guys: The Historic Class of Astronauts That Broke Barriers and Changed the Face of Space Travel” by Meredith Bagby, review by Valerie Neal
“The Atlas of Space Rocket Launch Sites” by Brian Harvey with Gubir Singh, review by Christopher Gainor
“Gerard P. Kuiper and the Rise of Modern Planetary Science” by Derek W.G. Sears, review by Roger D. Launius
“Space Craze: America’s Enduring Fascination with Real and Imagined Spaceflight” by Margaret A. Weitekamp, review by Christoper Gainor
“For the Love of Mars: A Human History of the Red Planet” by Matthew Shindell, review by Matthew H. Hersch
“Classified: The Secret Career of Mary Golda Ross, Cherokee Aerospace Engineer” by Traci Sorell with illustrations by Natasha Donovan, review by Bethany Drehman

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  • Archive ID # C1917
  • Format: Document (print)
  • Author/Creator:
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Publisher: Quest
  • Copyright Status: Copyrighted
  • Copyright Holder: SPACE 3.0
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Type: Serial Publication
  • Subject:
  • Collection: Quest
  • Availability: Physical Access

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