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Table of Contents


"Bea’s Diner: Beatrice Finkelstein and the Early U.S. Human Space Program" by William Gurstelle
"A Quest for Equality: Technology and Global Links in Japan’s Space Program, 1960s-2003" by Subodhana Wijeyeratne
"The Spin Mount System" by Phil Pressel
"EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About the First Titan IIIC Payload!" by Joel Powell
"An Interview with John Young" interview by Robert Sherrod, Ivelisse Rodriguez, Stewart Rosenbaum
"NASA Looks at the History of Commercial Space" by Christopher Gainor
"Preserving the History of Commercial Space: Issues, Needs, Resources" by Scott Sacknoff
From the Archives: The Goodyear Super Aero-Meteor
From the Archives:  PanAmSat and “My Dog Spot”

Book Reviews

"[REVIEW] War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics" by Bleddyn Bowen, review by John Sislin
"[REVIEW] The History of Space Flight" by Ted Spitzmiller, review by Roger Launius
"[REVIEW] Exploring the Planets: A Memoir" by Fred Taylor, review by Roger Launius
"[REVIEW] Destined for the Stars: Faith, the Future, and America’s Final Frontier" by Catherine Newell, review by Edward Guimont
"[REVIEW] Cosmic Odyssey: How Intrepid Astronomers at Palomar Observatory Changed Our View of the Universe" by Linda Schweizer, review by David DeVorkin
"[REVIEW] Astronaut Al Travels to the Moon" by Al Worden with Francis French, review by Scott Sacknoff

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  • Archive ID # C1909
  • Format: Document (print)
  • Author/Creator:
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Publisher: Quest
  • Copyright Status: Copyrighted
  • Copyright Holder: SPACE 3.0
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 72
  • Type: Serial Publication
  • Subject:
  • Collection: Quest
  • Availability: Physical Access

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