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“Gambit to the Moon: Project Upward” by Phillip Horzempa
“Birth to the Test Ranges, Part I: The Joint Long-Range Proving Ground” by David Stumpf
“When Pepe le Pew Stowed Away on a Rocket to Mars” by Joel Powell
“Five Questions with Astronaut Jack Lousma” by Tom Jones
“An Interview with International Space Station Program Manager Tommy Holloway” by Rebecca Wright
Letter: Surveyor 1 Also Carried a Smuggled US Flag
Reflections: “The Launch of the Crew Dragon in an Unforgettable Year” by Christopher Gainor
Archives: The Teleoperator Retrieval System

Book Reviews

“China in Space: The Great Leap Forward” by Brian Harvey, review by Marsha Freeman
“The Hidden Nazi: The Untold Story of America’s Deal with the Devil,” by Reuter et al, review by Michael Neufeld
“The Ultimate Engineer: The Remarkable Life of NASA’s Visionary Leader George M. Low” by Richard Jurek, review by Christopher Gainor
“Final Frontier: India and Space Security” by Bharath Gopalaswamy, review by John Sislin

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