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“The Death of Vladimir Komarov: Pressure, Politics, and Parachutes” by Asif Siddiqi
Recently Discovered Copy of Official Soyuz-1 Onboard Journal
“Apollo Explosive Devices” by Edgar Durbin
“Five Questions with Astronaut Charles Walker” by Scott Sacknoff
“An Interview with Frank Cepollina, the Father of Onboard Servicing” by Christopher Gainor
The Apollo Astronauts’ First Words on the Moon

Book Reviews

“Shattered Dreams: The Lost and Cancelled Missions” by Colin Burgess, review by James Zimbelman
“Women Spacefarers: Sixty Different Paths to Space” by Umberto Cavallaro, review by Margaret Weitekamp
“Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance between Astrophysics and the Military” by Neil De Grasse Tyson, review by David DeVorkin
“War in Space: The Science and Technology behind Our Next Theater of Conflict” by Linda Dawson, review by Matthew Hersch
“Ronald Reagan and the Space Frontier” by John Logsdon, review by Michael Neufeld
“The RADARSAT-1 Story: A Canadian Satellite” by Marry Ellen McGuire, review by Andrew Godefroy

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