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Table of Contents


“A History of Soviet/Russian Missile Early Warning Satellites – Part I” by Bart Hendrickx
“Our Window on the World”: Life in the Orbital Heterotopia of the International Space Station” by Haris Durrani (winner 2017 Sacknoff Prize for Space History)
“Enigmatic Structure at Cape Canaveral Revealed” by Joel Powell
“An Interview with Jerome Hammack, From Propellers to Payload Safety” Interview by Michelle Kelly

Book Reviews

“Making the Invisible Visible: A History of the Spitzer Infrared Telescope Facility” by Renee Rottner, review by David DeVorkin
“Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State” by Brian Crim, review by Roger Launius
“How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, and Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight” by Julian Guthrie, review by Cathleen Lewis
“The Future of Human Space Exploration” by Giovanni Bignami and Andrea Sommariva, review by Cathleen Lewis
“Piercing the Horizon: The Story of Visionary NASA Chief Tom Paine” by Sunny Tsiao, review by Dwayne Day
“Bossart: America’s Forgotten Rocket Scientist” by Don Mitchell, review by Roger Launius
“Amazing Stories of the Space Age” by Rod Pyle, review by Roger Launius
“The Unreliable Nation: Hostile Nature and Technological Failure in the Cold War” by Edward Jones-Imhotep, review by Andrew Godefroy
“Under Desert Skies: How Tucson Mapped the Way to the Moon and the Planets” by Melissa Sevigney, review by Roger Launius

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  • Format: Document (print)
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  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Publisher: Quest
  • Copyright Status: Copyrighted
  • Copyright Holder: SPACE 3.0
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 72
  • Type: Serial Publication
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  • Collection: Quest
  • Availability: Physical Access

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