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Table of Contents


“Detente and Dissent: Apollo-Soyuz, Ruth Bates Harris, and NASA’s Rhetoric of Cooperation” by Eric Fenrich (winner 2014 Sacknoff Prize for Space History)
“The Mars Mission That Never Was: Thomas Paine & The Push to Go to Mars” by Daniel Dupuis
“An Interview with Roger Easton: Navigation Time” by David K von Keuren & James Tugman
“Post Moon Landing Perspectives: Comparing the U.S. and Russian Programs (1970)” by George M. Low
“Post Moon Landing Perspectives: The Future Progress of Space Transportation (1970)” by Charles Mathews

Book Reviews

“Infinite Worlds: The People and Places of Space Exploration” by Michael Solun, review by Scott Sacknoff
“The Art of Space: The History of Space Art From the Earliest Visions to the Graphics of the Modern Era” by Ron Miller, review by Scott Sacknoff
“Stratonauts: Pioneers Venturing into the Stratosphere” by Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried, review by David DeVorkin
“Meeting the Challenge: The Hexagon KH-9 Reconnaissance Satellite” by Phil Pressel, review by Sean Kalic
“GPS Declassified: From Smart Bombs to Smartphones” by Richard Easton and Eric Frazier, review by Roger Launius
“Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program” by David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek, review by Kristen Starr
“Innovation the NASA Way” by Rod Pyle, review by Howard McCurdy
“Range Wars: The Environmental Contest for White Sands Missile Range” by Ryan Edginton, review by Jacob Darwin Hamblin
“Re-Interpreting Exploration: The West in the World” by Dane Kennedy, review by Roger Launius
“X-15: The World’s Fastest Rocket Plane and the Pilots Who Ushered in the Space Age” by John Anderson & Richard Passman, review by Paul Ceruzzi

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  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Publisher: Quest
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