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“The Three Heroes of Spaceflight: The Rise of the Tsiolkovskii-Goddard-Oberth Interpretation and its Current Validity” by Michael Neufeld
“Boeing’s Proposed LEM” by Paul Carsola
“Telstar: The First Communications Satellite – 50 Years Since its Launch (10 July 1962)” by David Whalen
“Monitoring the Earth from Space; An Oral History with Dr. John S. MacDonald” by Barry Shanko
“In Memoriam: Armstrong, Ride, McCartney” by David Christoper Arnold

Book Reviews

“The Final Journey of the Saturn V” by Andrew Thomas & Paul Thomarios, review by Hunter Hollins
“The Cosmonaut Who Couldn’t Stop Smiling: The Life and Legend of Yuri Gagarin” by Andrew Jenks, review by Roshanna Sylvester
“US Presidents and the Militarization of Space (1946-1967)” by Sean Kalic, review by Rick Sturdevant
“50 Years of Rockets and Spacecraft / NASA Marshall” by Ed Buckbee, review by Michael Neufeld
“Imagining Outer Space: European Astroculture in the 20th Century” by Alexander Geppert, review by Janet Vertesi
“Architecture for Astronauts: An Activity Based Approach” by Sandra Hauplik Meusburger, review by Roger Launius
“Atmospheric Science at NASA: A History” by Erik Conway, review by Roger Launius
“The Spacesuit Film: A History (1918-1969)” by Gary Westfahl, review by Cathleen Lewis
“The Economic Laws of Scientific Research” by Terence Kealey, review by Roger Launius

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