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“An Undersea Ice Station Zebra: Recovering a KH-9 HEXAGON Capsule From 16,400 Feet Below the Pacific Ocean” by David Waltrop
“National Prestige and Human Spaceflight: A Chinese Perspective” by Liang Yao
“China’s Great Leap into Space: An Interview with Yang Liwei and Zhai Zhigang” by John Vause
“NACA/NASA Research Aircraft and the Birth of Spaceflight” by Curtis Peebles
“Managing the News: Analyzing TASS Announcements on the Soviet Space Program (1957-1964)”

Book Reviews

“Exploring Mars: Chronicles from a Decade of Discovery” by Scott Hubbard, review by Erik Conway
“Emerging Space Powers: The New Space Programs of Asia, the Middle East, and South America” by Brian Harvey, Henk Smid, & Theo Pirard, review by Cathleen Lewis
“Gabby: Story of Courage and Hope” by Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly, review by Roger Launius
“Empire of the Stars: Obsession, Friendship, and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes” by Arthur Miller, review by Steven Dick
“Radio Wars” (DVD): Directed by Sandra Mohr, review by Scott Sacknoff
“Into the Blue: American Writing on Aviation and Spaceflight,” edited by Joseph Corn, review by Dominick Pisano
“Destination Mars: New Explorations of the Red Planet” by Rod Pyle, review by Bob Craddock
“Soviet Space Culture: Cosmic Enthusiasm in Socialist Societies,” Edited by Maruer, et al, review by Michael Neufeld
“The Space Shuttle: Celebrating Thirty Years of NASA’s First Space Plane” by Piers Bizony, review by Roger Launius
“The Astronaut: Cultural Mythology and Idealized Masculinity” by Dario Llinares, review by Amy Foster
“Rockets and People: The Moon Race” by Boris Chertok, Series Editor Asif Siddiqi, review by Andrew Jenks
“Centauri Dreams: Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration” by Paul Gilster, review by Roger D. Launius
“How Apollo Flew to the Moon” by W. David Woods, review by Rod Pyle

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