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“Congratulations and Good Luck from the Prime Launch Team: Astronauts, Technologies, Bureaucrats, and the Grumman Crew at Kennedy Space Center” by David Clow
“Rockets and the Red Scare: Frank Malina and American Missile Development 1936-1954” by James Johnson
“Earthbound Pioneer (Explorer 6)” by Gideon Marcus
“How General Dynamics Integrated the Cape” by Tom Leech
Oral History: “Bumper 8: First Launch on Cape Canaveral” by Roger Launius and Lori Walters
Oral History: Thoughts on the Space Shuttle’s Final Flight
Images from the Archives: Gemini Memories

Book Reviews

“Falling Back to Earth: A First Hand Account of the Great Space Race and the End of the Cold War” by Mark Albrecht, review by Howard McCurdy
“Soviet Robots in the Solar System: Mission Technologies and Discoveries” by Wesley Huntress Jr and Mikhail Ya. Marov, review by Roger Launius
“Apollo 12: On the Oceans of Storms”, by David Harland, review by David West Reynolds
“Defence and Discovery: Canada’s Military Space Program 1945-1974” by Andrew Godefroy, review by David Arnold
“Psychology of Space Exploration” edited by Douglas Vakoch, review by Hunter Hollins
“The Red Rockets’ Glare: Spaceflight and the Soviet Imagination 1957-1967” by Asif Siddiqi, review by Roshanna Sylvester
“Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo” by Nicholas de Monchaux, review by Douglas Lantry
“Sacred Space” by Douglas Cowan, review by Roger Launius

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