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Table of Contents


“Soviet Gifts to Apollo” by Duane Graveline
“History of Zero Gravity Countermeasures” by Duane Graveline
“Moonglow: Space Diplomacy in the Nixon Administration” by Steve Wolfe
Apollo 11: Behind the Scenes at the Nixon White House and the Speech He Didn’t Have to Give”
“The Lovelace Women” by Margaret Weitekamp
“An Interview with Gene Nora Jessen” by Margaret Weitekamp
“The Reminiscences of Jerrie Cobb” by Kenneth Leish
“Charlie Duke: ‘Aim High’ or ‘This is How to Light a Fire in the Jungle'” by Andy Green

Book Reviews

“American Astrophilately: The First 50 Years” by David Ball, review by Christopher Gainor
“Ambassadors from Earth: Pioneering Explorations with Unmanned Spacecraft” by Jay Gallentine, review by De Witt Douglas Kilgore
“Science Talk: Changing Notions of Science in American Culture” by Daniel Thurs, review by Roger Launius
“Continental Defense in the Eisenhower Era: Nuclear Antiaircraft Arms and The Cold War” by Christopher Bright, review by Paul Ceruzzi
“Transit to Tomorrow: 50 Years of Space Research at the Johns Hopkins University / Applied Physics Lab” by Helen Worth & Mame Warren, review by David Smith

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  • Archive ID # C1869
  • Format: Document (print)
  • Author/Creator:
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Publisher: Quest
  • Copyright Status: Copyrighted
  • Copyright Holder: SPACE 3.0
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 66
  • Type: Serial Publication
  • Subject:
  • Collection: Quest
  • Availability: Physical Access

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