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“An Interview with Chris Kraft – The Courageous Flight of Apollo 8” by Rebecca Wright
“Seeing Earth: A New Look at the Apollo 8 Earthrise Photograph” by Jennifer Levasseur
“Picturing Apollo: Illustrated Histories Commemorating the Moon Landings” by Roger Launius
“Gagarin’s Last Flight” by Alexei Leonov & Sergei Belotserkovsky
“Cosmonaut Number Two” by Yuri Dokuchayev
“Atomic Power in Space: A History” by the Department of Energy
Armstrong, Cernan, Duke, Staffor, Aldrin, Lovell Speeches

Book Reviews

“Earthrise: How Many First Saw the Earth” by Robert Poole, review by Christopher Gainor
“On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet” by Edward & Linda Ezell, review by Roger Launius
“Picturing Apollo: Illustrated Histories Commemorating the Moon Landings,” by Various, review by Roger Launius

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