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Table of Contents

Special Issue: 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11


“An interview with Michael Collins – Gemini X, Apollo 11” by Michelle Kelly
“Commemorative Medals and Apollo 11 Symbolism” by Margaret Weitekamp
“A Legacy of Service and Corporation: ARCAS” by Roy Houchin II
“Saturn Launch Options: A Bellcomm Report” by AW Starkey
“The Man in the Moon will be Your Husband” by Fifi Booth
“Political and Technical Aspects of Planting a Flag on the Moon” by Annie Platoff
“Teaching Geology to Astronauts” by Gary Lofgren
“Apollo: A Young Engineer’s Perspective” by Don Holtshouse
“The Apollo Era: Working at NASA Marshall in the 1960s” by Glenn Robinson Jr

Book Reviews

Movie Review: “Orphans of Apollo” by Michael Potter, review by Scott Sacknoff
“Project Vanguard: The NASA History” by McLaughlin-Green/Lomask, review by Roger Launius
“Chariots for Apollo” by Brooks/Grimwood/Swenson, review by Roger Launius
“Digital Apollo” by David Mindell, review by Roger Launius
“Decoding the Heavens” by Jo Marchant, review by Michael Neufeld
“The Very First Light” by Mather/Boslough, review by Roger Launius

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