• Welcome to the NEW SpaceHistory101.com website!
  • Welcome to the NEW SpaceHistory101.com website!

Ads and Our Audience

We appreciate your interest in advertising inside Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly, our peer-reviewed journal published by the non-profit SPACE 3.0.  Please note that, as a journal, we limit the type of ads that we will accept.  Historically, most of our ads have come from university presses, auction houses, space-related organizations, and space history memorabilia dealers. 

Our exclusive audience is solely focused on space and its history.  Each issue typically has a print run of 800-1,000, although some special issues have been significantly larger.

Rates and Specifications

Publication Cycle:

February, May, August, November


Format:  PDF preferred; high-res TIF accepted

      • Cover pages (full page):  8.5” x 11” full bleed, color
      • Inside pages (full page):  7.0” x 10” full bleed, b&w
      • Inside pages (half page): 7.0” x  4.5” full bleed, b&w


      • Cover,  Full page color:   $825 per issue
      • Inside,  Full page b&w:   $450 per issue
      • Inside,  Half page b&w:  $275 per issue

Full page ads may be upgraded to cover positions at publisher’s discretion at no additional cost.

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